Our vision - more forests in the world.

We believe that investing in forests and forest management can be fascinating, engaging and simple. By creating systems that allow getting more and better data, performing all necessary functions remotely, and by modelling investment returns and environmental impact, we will attract more people and investments in this rather outdated market, and the global forest size will increase. Forest and timber markets will become effective and transparent, making a significant positive impact to the environment and the world.

Strong and growing team

Our people are great salespeople, previously created mobile banking and biometric system applications, others have decades of experience in forestry. They make us proud. We are a community which changes forest and timber markets on a daily basis. We have a flat organizational structure, with no place for excessive bureaucracy. We believe that opinions of our team members need to be heard. By uniting the diversity of our experiences we can create unique products.

Grow with us

We constantly need people who believe in our mission, have solid experience and high ambitions. Contribute to a greener tomorrow. Join a talented team that creates solutions that make a global impact.

Our investors

We are growing fast and at the same time taking care of our company’s financial stability. Before starting our expansion, we ensured to have a product that creates significant added value for our users. We observe closely how the world is changing and strive to make our systems breakthrough innovations. We have received a €1.2m investment from venture capital funds Ironwolf Capital, 70 Ventures and CoInvest Capital. We are in Lithuania, Latvia, soon expanding to Estonia, Finland, and beyond. Our vision is to become the world's forest investment and management platform.